iAudio X5 20GB Player- Black. iAUDIO X5, with its super-compact slim design is not only convenient to carry

iAudio  X5 20GB Portable Media Player
iAudio X5 20GB Portable Media Player
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Product Description

FEATURES- iAUDIO X5 Portable Media Player- 20GB, Black Built-in color LCD screen lets you play movie and music in your palm! Share you favorite memories...Picture viewing in normal, thumbnail or slideshow modes. iAUDIO is an original multi-media player brand from Cowon Systems. It is a super-compact, portable digital audio device that supports playback of various multi-media audio files including MP3 files and MPEG4 video, features FM radio listening/recording, recording through a built-in microphone or line-in input terminals, and text and image viewer OTG (USB host feature). Includes iAUDIO Player, Earphones, Installation CD & Users guide, Subpack, USB 2.0 cable and Line-In recording cable, AC adapter, USB host cable.* PORTABLE, STYLISH, SLIM DESIGN iAUDIO X5, with its super-compact slim design is not only convenient to carry, but also stylish with a high-quality aluminum external finish on most of the unit. * WIDE AND LUXURIOUS COLOR LCD iAUDIO comes equipped with a 160 x 128 dot, 260,000 color TFT-LCD, which allows you to check the general operation status of the device with one glance. * VIDEO PLAYBACK It is possible to convert various video files to MPEG4 up to 15 FPS using JetAudio. The transcoded video file can be played back on iAUDIO X5. * OTG (USB HOST) FEATURE You can import photos taken from a digital camera to iAUDIO, and view them from iAUDIO using the USB Host feature of iAUDIO X5. (Certain digital cameras are not supported.) * CONVENIENT TEXT AND IMAGE VIEWER You can view both text and image files on iAUDIO X5. You can view text files while listening to music. * PORTABLE HDD-type MP3 PLAYER With the super huge storage capacity, this 20GB product can save approximately 5,000 songs (MP3 files -- 4 MB each). iAUDIO X5 is capable of recognizing up to 2,000 folders and 10,000 files.* BUILT-IN LITHIUM BATTERY A super power saving circuit is used to provide a long playback time. A continuous playback of up to 14 hours is possible after a full charge. (based on the company's test environment)* STRONG MUSIC FORMAT SUPPORT It supports MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV files, as well as FLAC (a lossless compressed codec). The first player in Korea to support this format, and only the second in the world!* WALLPAPER CHANGEABLE! Create your own iAUDIO ! You can create your own logo or download logos from our web site. You can also set your own picture as wallpaper.* HIGH-QUALITY VOICE RECORDING With the built-in, high-fidelity microphone, iAUDIO can record voice at the level of dedicated voice recorders. You can record important meetings or lectures using this feature.* DIRECT ENCODING (Line-IN) iAUDIO provides direct encoding by which you can record output from an external audio device at a 1:1 ratio. This means that you can connect the recording terminal and the output terminal of an external audio device with a bi-directional stereo cable for recording. Using this feature, you can receive the direct input from audio devices such as a walkman, MD (mini disk), old LP phonograph, or TV, and record them with iAUDIO.* LISTEN TO FM STEREO RADIO & RECORD AT THE SAME TIME Listen to FM radio and record it by pressing a button, instantly. Play them back on iAUDIO, or save to your computer. Also has a preset feature which allows you to save your preferred radio stations as channel numbers.* PORTABLE DISK (USB STORAGE) iAUDIO is automatically recognized as a removable disk when you connect it to your PC via the USB cable. You no longer need a separate USB drive with small storage any more. * DYNAMIC BASS (BBE) Discover true, rich bass sound. iAUDIO is the only MP3 player that provides exquisite sound with world-renowned U.S. BBE Sound System for the first time in the world. BBE Sound System is known for its true sound reproduction and clarity.It is only available with iAUDIO. No other MP3 player can be compared! * CREATE YOU OWN WORLD WITH EQ JETEFFECT Create your own world with high-quality EQ JetEffect. iAUDIO U2 can create up to 1.2 trillion different sounds with a total of six top-of- the-line sound effects (5 Band EQ, BBE, Mach3Bass, MP Enhance, 3D Surround and Pan). * STRONG, STABLE STEREO OUTPUT Whether it is Rock or Jazz, Easy Listening or Classical, you will enjoy rich sound from the most delicate to the most powerful. * HIGH-QUALITY EARPHONES INCLUDED Superb Cresyn headphones are a standard accessory with iAUDIO U2.Cresyn is one of the leading brand in sound reproduction. With this light, top- quality headset, you will not want to take them off! * LYRICS DISPLAY You can enjoy your music and read lyrics at the same time! New Lyric Display Feature provides you with lyrics on wide color LCD.* CLOCK FEATURE FOR USER CONVENIENCE iAUDIO X5 support Clock feature to do View Clock, Alarm, FM radio recording and more through this. * HIGH SPEED USB 2.0 TRANSFERS Support USB 2.0 interface to transfer your 700Mbytes movie files within few seconds! Max speed is 480Mbps. * USER FRIENDLY NAVIGATION FUNCTION Scan through your music folder while listening. X5s intelligent control is designed for your convenience. Command-oriented navigation window and popup-type menu window make organizing simple! X5 allows you to spend less time in hassle and more time in enjoying your favorite music.* FAVORITE, DYNAMIC PLAYLIST Create and edit playlists directly on the X5. Organize your songs any way you like. Random and other playback modes available.Also user can edit playlist while playing. Add or delete.* M3U PLAYLIST Supports M3U playlist that mostly used in PC. Can playback by storing music files each different folder into the list.* MULTI-FUNCTION SUPPORT Display mode, Auto off and Sleep function are included with the iAUDIO X5.* SIMPLE & EASY FIRMWARE UPGRADING You can use the firmware upgrade feature to improve product performance. We support users requests and suggestions by continuously providing firmware on a non-periodic basis. * ANTI-SHOCK FUNCTION Up to 12 minutes of anti-shock. Enjoy your music while running or driving. * JETSHELL SOFTWARE Easy to manage iAUDIO X5 through JetShell, which is upgraded and it is compatible with removable disk. JetShell can do CD ripping, File convert and music playback. * MP3 ENCODING SOFTWARE JetShell, the file transfer software included in the iAUDIO package, allows you to convert music to MP3 files easily and rapidly. Now you convert and upload your favorite music from Audio CDs to iAUDIO. * JETAUDIO Also included in the package is JetAudio, the most popular integrated multimedia player software in the world. Also, a simple video conversion for X5 is possible using the JetAudio conversion tools without need for any additional program. * MAC & LINUX OS Use Mac or Linux? No problem!! iAUDIO X5 is available to be used on Mac or Linux OS. -- SPECIFICATIONs ------------------------------------CAPACITY - 20GB Hard Drive (formatted capacity may be different)PC INTERFACE - USB 2.0 (Max. 480M bps)PLAYBACK FORMATS- MP3 : MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, ~320kbps, ~48khz, mono/stereo. WMA(ASF): ~256kbps, ~48khz, mono/stereo OGG : ~q10, ~44.1khz, mono/stereo FLAC : compression level 0/1/2, ~44.1khz, mono/stereo WAV : ~48khz, 16bit, mono/stereoXviD MPEG-4, CBR ~256kbps, up to 160x128, 15 fps JPEGBUTTONS - 5-way Jog (NAVI/MENU, VOL+, VOL-, REW, FF), PLAY, REC, POWER & HOLD switch.SWITCH - 1 switch (Hold)DISPLAY - 160 x 128 dot, 260,000 color TFT-LCDPERFORMANCE - SNR : 95 dB Max Output : 16 Ohm earphones: 20mW + 20mW Frequency Range: 20Hz~20KHz REQUIREMENTS - 64MB Main Memory or more 40MB Hard Disk Space or More 256 Color or Higher Microsoft Windows 98/98se/ME/2000/XP (NT not supported) or MAC OS 9.X, 10.X (data transfer only) or Linux kernel v2.2 or higher (data transfer only) USB Port CD-ROM Drive POWER- Battery : Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (Up tp 14 Hours Continuous Playback). Power Supply: AC adapter DC 5.0V, 2ASIZE - 2.39"w x 4.08"h x 0.56"d WT.- 5.11 oz. w/battery