Promise 2-channel Ultra ATA 100 RAID 01 Card Retail Box

Promise 2-channel Ultra ATA 100 RAID 01 Card Retail Box
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Product Description

The FastTrak SX8300 SATA 3Gb/s PCI-X RAID 5 controller delivers industry-leading RAID 5 performance at an unprecedented price/performance ratio. For companies running popular applications like web services, file/email servers, audio/video streaming and nearline storage, the FastTrak SX8300 opens the world of professional RAID 5 performance and data protection and combines it with cost-effective Serial ATA (SATA) 3Gb/s drives for the ultimate internal storage solution. Based on Promises OEM-proven RAID 5 technology, the FastTrak SX4300/8300 competes with SCSI RAID 5 controllers--at one-half to one-third of the price.


Vendor Promise

Key Features Automatic Recovery No OS Support Windows 2000 or better BIOS Support Yes Boot Option Yes Package N/A Spare Support Yes Number of Cable Included 8 Processor Promise Weight N/A Warranty 3 year Disk Failure Paging or Notification No RAID Level Support 0/1/5/10/JBOD Supporting Devices 8 Cache/Memory Installed 64 Meg Weight N/A Window Based Configuration Support Yes Product Type PCI-X RAID Controller

Detail Specifications Controller Specifications - Four or eight SATA ports at 3.0Gb/s (300MB/sec) - Storage capacity up to 4.0/8.0 terabytes (with four/eight 500GB drives x2 controllers/system)

- Promise 41721/81731 RAID Processor with XOR engine for RAID parity calculations and memory controller for local cache memory - On-board ECC DDR cache memory 32MB for SX4300, 64MB for SX8300 - FRAM for RAID5 transaction log to avoid data corruption in the event application hangs - Dual controller support within a system - Supports SAF-TE enclosure management - Low-profile form factor ideal for 1U/2U server - Combine with the SuperSwap 4100 for an advanced internal storage system RAID Levels Supported - RAID 0, Data striped across 2-8 drives for increased performance but no data protection - RAID 1, Mirrored pairs of drives for data protection with increased read performance - RAID 5, Striped parity on 3-8 drives, ultimate data protection, capacity and performance balance - RAID 10, Data mirrored then striped across up to eight drives, for double drive failure protection - JBOD, Just a Bunch Of Drives independent connected drives with no RAID interconnection RAID Fault Tolerance and Robustness Features - Multiple logical drive support enables combining different RAID levels on one set of disks - Read Check table to avoid data read errors - Media Patrol on all configured drive space - Online capacity expansion and RAID level migration to add capacity on the fly as needed - PerfectRAID technology for error handling and recovery of fatal, media and disk errors - Support hot swap of failed drives and hot spares - Automatic/manual rebuild of hot spare drive - Background initialization for instant drive availability - Variable stripe block size support to meet various application requirements - Synchronization can be scheduled periodically for RAID array data consistency Web-based Promise Array Manager - Creates, deletes, expands, and converts disk arrays remotely - Array synchronization and rebuild scheduling - Monitors drive, array, and enclosure status and provides online event logging - E-mail notification of drive, array, controller or enclosure events (e.g. error or degrade conditions) Operating Systems - Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 - Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, Linux partial open source driver Platform Support - Intel IA32, EM64T, and AMD64, Single and dual CPU servers FastBuild BIOS - Array configuration utility at the BIOS level, BIOS Boot Specification support boot system from any array, Flash-upgradeable BIOS for future upgrades